wickedxlovely (wickedxlovely) wrote,

Emilie Autumn

Charlotte: What the...

Emmy: *singing*“It will help my sea level go down” .....What? Oh, did I wake you?

Charlotte: Yes. What is it that you’re listening to?

Emmy: Emilie Autumn. She’s the best. I’m named after her.

Charlotte: Aren’t you the same age?

Emmy: Yes...I changed my name.

Charlotte: Legally?

Emmy: Yup. Now it’s Emmy -O...I wouldn’t want to completely steal her trademark. heehee...I can even play the violin now! Want to hear?

Charlotte: Do I have a choice, why aren't you wearing panties?

Mina: Halt! You...Come...

Emmy: Gotta go charlotte....I'll serenade you later...

Charlotte: ...Bitch
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