wickedxlovely (wickedxlovely) wrote,

Modern Luff

Absinthe: *sings* They tried to make me go to rehab I said no...no..no
Alex: We never made you go to rehab...
Absinthe: It’s a song...

Alex: Oh, all I get to hear is death metal....
Absinthe: That’s Angel for you...
Alex: ...Hey, Ab...I ...um
Absinthe: yes?

Midori... *drunk* ...pumkin! There you are!
Alex: Bugger...
Absinthe: Midori you promised...
Midori: You’ll get your hot sex..

Midori: sit on my faaaaaace and tell me that you love me.

Absinthe: Lets go, she’ll be like this all night
Alex: Are you sure?
Absinthe: yes

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