wickedxlovely (wickedxlovely) wrote,

Zombie Farm: Halloween

Lola Notes: This our Halloween treat for you (okay it's late sue me )
Never leave your dolls alone!

Khol: I can't take this anymore...Argha!
Em: Yeah. You think this is a good idea?

Khol: Why not?
Mina: It's simple. I'll call the elder god, make a little deal. Problem solved.

Em and Khol: ... ... Okay

Mina: Let me just put on the holy rhythms. *puts on a cure cd* Oh, dark lord, master of evil.
Mina: Not you Robert Smith, the other one.

Robert Smith: Oh, sad.

Sherman: You've called?
Mina: Oh great Father, we offer you a tasty snack.

Sherman: Mmmm, qwarble. I do love a snack after a nap. What is it? Tacos?
Mina: No.

Sherman: Taquitos?
Mina: Uh, no...
Sherman: Chili cheese fritos and a Dr. Pepper?
Mina: No, not quite...
Sherman: THEN WHAT!
Mina: Her.

Em: Ooooh, Little Miss Gothy Gothington. So dark I piss bat blood and spit eye liner.
Alex: Wait a minute, you can't kill my sister!

Midori: Yeah, we can. Don't you see the hungry elder god?

Alex: Oh, well then I guess I'm on the menu too.

Absinthe: Nooooooooo...

Alex: I'm sorry, but I must. She's...my sister!

Sherman: Can we hurry up? I'm a very busy, tentacle, monster, god-thing...I don't have all day.

Alex & Angel: Okay, we're ready.

Sherman: Nom, nom, nom...qwirrrble. Mmmm, tasty.

Camden: Well, you know, they have brought Spock back to life once, Superman too....um...Jesus? Didn't he come back from the dead?

Kohl: Hopefully our writer is half as creative as the guys who wrote the bible.
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Jesus was a zombie.

Suck on that one conservative right wingers.

that was the most fun I've had all day.
playing with dolls....great fun...now if I could make a living from it